【Titan Pocket】アップデートが来ました

BlackBerryスタイルのスマホTitan Pocketを使っています。








1. Update security patch to 2021-12-05
2. Solve the problem that some widgets cannot be deleted
3. Automatically disable the Scroll Assistant when the battery power is less than 5% to prevent touch interference.

4. Solve the weak light issue after the screen is off
5. In the SIM PIN lock interface, the user needs to press the ENTER key to input
6. Support double-click the shortcut key to turn on the flashlight
7. Optimize Kika input method
8. Double-click the magic key in the editing interface and the touchpad can be used to move the cursor
(There are three programmable keys: Sym key, Fn key, and PTT key. They can all be set as customized Magic keys. The path: Settings >Intelligent assistance > Shortcut settings > Programmable key > Magic keys)